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Machining Services

Hardric Laboratories has been a leading manufacturer of beryllium components since 1954, supporting both prototype and production levels of volume. Materials Hardric routinely works with include:
Metal Mirrors

Hardric manufactures highly accurate plano mirrors from Beryllium, Aluminum, AlBeMet, Copper, and many other materials for many demanding applications. Using our proprietary polishing process, Hardric can achieve flatness of better than λ/10 on bare beryllium (not just nickel-plated beryllium, although we can do that too, if you like) and can reach a flatness of λ/20 if the application demands it.
 Beryllium    AlBeMet

 Titanium     Beryllium Copper

 Aluminum   Molybdenum

 Copper       Stainless Steel

 ...and more

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Our engineering staff will work with you to ensure your product will meet your requirements while being made in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost.
Our engineering staff has many years of experience in mirror design and can assist you with any open issue you may have before Hardric begins producing the part.

Hardric also provides customized optical coatings for metal mirrors that are ideally suited to the spectral and environmental requirements of your application, from the ultraviolet through the infrared.

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